the keeping room

futurist lab worked with artist Jenny Fine on her installation the keeping room.

we created the programming and sound design for her “theatrical set”. vintage lightbulbs slowly dimmed off, voices began to speak out a of paper megaphone, and an 8mm film flicked to life.

here is an excerpt from her website –

““Sitting up with the dead was a common practice among the good Methodists of Palmyra, Tennessee,” my grandmother would say to begin the story of her great aunt’s death. On the evening of my grandmother’s death, her body, which had once been animated, once filled with life, lay alone in an empty and unfamiliar room. Across town, I could only think of my want to sit with her. In this installation I have created a memory space in which the viewer is invited to sit with my grandmother. Its title, The Keeping Room, comes from the more delicate Southern name for the living room, a space for family to gather, to tell stories, to sit together.”

more information about Jenny Fine’s work can be found on here.