Fusiform Polyphony

From 2011 to 2012, futurist lab worked with new media artist Ken Rinaldo on his robotic installation fusiform polyphony.

We created the programming and sound design for the six robotic arms in Max/MSP and Ableton Live.

Here is an excerpt from Ken Rinaldo’s website –

“Fusiform Polyphony (Face Music) 2011 is a series of six robotic sculptures commissioned by Nuit Blanch Toronto in 2011 by Shirley Madill. They were designed to compose their own music with input from participant images. Micro video cameras mounted on these robots, move toward people’s bodies and faces while capturing human snapshots. These images are digitally processed and pixelated and turned into a constantly evolving generative soundscape, where facial features are turned into sound melody and rhythm.”

More information about the work can be found on Ken Rinaldo’s website.